CJC Lee look to promote and provide a sustainable, innovative and progressive farming culture, backed up by decades of expert experience in arable farming in the North Norfolk area.
Our attention to detail and strong focus on soil health and condition, cultural weed control techniques and extensive use of compost from our green waste operation has, we believe allowed us to change the nature and productive capacity of our soil for the better with higher organic matter content and resilience to both extremes of drought and wet.
We are currently in the Entry Level Stewardship and Higher Level Stewardship environmental schemes, and see this as part of our ongoing responsibility for the management of the land for future generations.

Farming around 3500 acres of owned and contracted, we currently produce a variety of crops including;

• Potatoes
• Sugar Beet
• Vining Peas
• Barley
• Wheat
• Oil Seed Rape
• Linseed
• Canary Grass

CJC Lee also run a tracked Grimme self-propelled sugar beet harvester and lift approx. 2500 acres for customers based in North Norfolk.

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